The Endorphins release their smoking hot single ‘Dead Or Alive’, which celebrates individuality in the face of a society which wants you to conform. Inspired by 90’s R&B, 70’s disco and contemporary pop, this talented brother and sister duo put forth their vibrant fusion of feel-good elements perfect for lifting the spirits of any listener.

“Written on a Stockholm city beach, on the hottest day of summer, we started reflecting on our life and came up with a track about this society working against individuality and freedom of self-expression.”

She’s the singer with the golden voice, he’s the producer. They’re siblings Alva & August Heldt and grew up together in the middle of the bursting music scene in Stockholm, Sweden. Together, they are The Endorphins. The Future R&B duos first chapter was written in 2017 when they signed their first songs to the popular youtube channel/label Majestic Casual, known for releasing music by acts such as Mura Masa, KAYTRANADA, Disclosure and more. After over 12 million streams and the release of their first EP, titled Sublime, in 2019 it’s now time for their next chapter with two EP’s and more coming out in 2020. Inspired by 90’s R&B, 60’s Motown, the poetry of everyday life and simple words – The Endorphins create dreamy, euphoric, soulful and funky music based on feel-good vibes.

“Our music is all about inducing endorphins. It’s about love, friendship, parties and sex. The vibe of our songs is influenced by the good vibes that were floating around NYC in the 70’s – that escape from reality that the disco era was built upon”, The Endorphins say.

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