Sunwarper is a Los Angeles based project creating warped, atmospheric electronic music.  After bringing a newfound emphasis on live instruments and sampling on the EP, The Emerald Trail, Michael Jakucs has crafted a new sonic world to explore in the debut full length, Idolon. 

Taking a deep inspiration from the world around him, namely the seas, warm climes, and the dense, claustrophobic cityscape of Los Angeles, Sunwarper is both a reflection and an escape from the present. Songs travel the spectrum of electronic music, exploring and weaving together Synthwave, Ambient, IDM and Trip Hop, with live instruments like guitar and bass to pave new pathways.

Sunwarper’s debut full length, Idolon was written as an album to reflect on warmer times in the dead of winter.  Written during a year of travels, Michael Jakucs took to his synths and samples to catalogue the experience.  Idolon travels through numerous auditory worlds to explore the different emotions our thoughts and the environment can evoke. Sun-soaked melodies and a cryptic biome of field recordings, create an audible palette which Jakucs uses to craft nostalgia dripped tunes. 

After a trip to the lush greens of summertime in the Swiss Alps, Michael Jakucs turned to his synths and guitar to catalogue the experience. Bright, crisp synths introduce the song’s mountain air inspired melody, building into a monumental peak of percussive bass and booming beats enveloped by warbling synths and infectious guitars. 


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