The third single in and London based, alt-pop duo Berne present poignant, poetic, electro-pop tune ‘Stay’. Alongside a carefully crafted stop motion music video, that magnifies the message and intention of this release. Consisting of both Maltese born Deborah Borg Brincat and Gianluca Pulvirenti, the pair deliver a moving environmental message through ethereal vocals and emotive, reverb-laden guitar, dreamily dusted off with beaming astral production.

Berne have developed an innate ability to combine wistful, abstract lyrics that touch upon inconsistencies in society and our natural world with dark mesmerising melodies and hauntingly vivid sound layers, creating the most intriguing of sonic atmospheres. 

Together they have brought to life a musical landscape of their own accord in which to share their message with the world. Alternative, indie pop at its finest, the two radiate beyond the initial sound sphere of the norm, by partnering their music with ideals of social responsibility and environmental consciousness, they create songs with substance and purpose. 

Paving the way for others, they are at the forefront of a new era of pop altogether…

Berne have also found alternative ways in creatively keeping busy during this time by launching their interactive series ‘Common Ground’, which is an artist-centric project reinforcing the value of togetherness in these challenging times.  Every Sunday at 12pm BST, the pair live stream music from different independent artists to their audience live on Instagram.

Berne’s debut single ‘Oceans’ was inspired by the refugee crisis and champions diversity. The music video, which premiered on When The Horn Blows features British Sign Language performer Tyron Woolfe. Their most recent single ‘To The Lions’ released in March, delved deep into themes of animal rights and has received increasing engagement via TikTok (145k+ views). The stunningly beautiful visual was filmed in Malta. 


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