Through sonically inspired minor keys and modes, Anna Claire Loftis’ lyrics work to show a glowing outlook on worldly matters. Driven by a desire to understand the true nature of things and strip back a falsified reality, her music explores honest truths that might be difficult to hear. Within ethereal jargon, her lyrics address the importance of questioning your own belief, listening to an outside perspective, and establishing yourself among the chaos.

Establishing residence in Nashville, Tennessee, this indie-pop artist has been seen playing up-tempo with a five-piece band, as well as writer’s rounds playing acoustically. Similar to artists like Julia Michaels, Noah Cyrus and Marian Hill, her vocals are massaged into very modern, heavy, and captivating production.

On April 24th, Anna Claire released her upcoming EP, “Happy on TV.” Seeking to expose the multitude of realities we experience life – Anna Claire wrote this record to embody multiple layers and complexities, including technology, religion, philosophical theories and many more. Its exceptional production has showcased the array of styles and metaphors found within this body of work.

The title track, “Happy on TV’, undoubtedly released its effervescent appeal into a new decade and its energized atmosphere. Kicking off her Fall tour in new cities around the United States, Anna Claire is excited to perform to new crowds, spur on a good conversation, and help to remind us to have a little fun.

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