An independent band based in St Albans called ‘The Mighty Orchid King’ who loosely describe themselves as a psych-rock band with prog-rock overtones.

Their debut LP came out in June of this year and have been steadily building up a following with two features on Fresh On The Net as well as several plays on Spain’s RTVE Radio 3 and Byte FM in Germany. 

This track as described by the band: ‘“Bail Me Out” is a disco happening on a spaceship at warp space. It is an absolutely delirious affair that will leave all those in its wake losing control over their extremities and envisioning they are truly in a surreal place. What makes the song ingenious is its complexity. Commencing with strings, the immediate impression is a dark-pop tune is about to emerge. When the dual percussion, synths, and guitars arrive, we’re sent to the dance floor and the party begins. Here we “wash away” all our fears and concerns and seek safety from the turmoil around us. Although we may be confined to the indoors, we don’t have to be stationary. Our minds and souls can still be freed and reach an “eternal state” with a song like this.’

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