Frode Fivel has been a creative force in several band constellations, first with Gothenburg-based indie-pop band Hello Goodbye. Since then, he has collaborated with, among others, Knut Schreiner(Turbonegro) in the band Mirror Lakes.

“The aged protagonist is falling in love, and tries to get to the woman by inviting her son to the movies,” Frode says. “Together they watch "The Final Roar Of The Dinosaur,” whose lyrics reflect around the choices that have to be made when falling in love while already being in a long term relationship.“

"The original idea for the song was to make a Thurston Moore-ish guitar-driven rocker, but with a folky midsection. We even considered including a banjo. The banjo idea never came to life and I don’t know about Thurston Moore, but nevertheless, we’re pleased with the way it turned out.”

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