In a career filled with numerous collaborations across musical genres, Draumr stands out as the solo project of the french musician Gabriel Cheurfa. Meaning “dream” in ancient Norse, Draumr is born of the dialogue between imagination and reality and deals with the sensitivity of those whose affinities lie beyond society’s addiction to sensationalism, far from the deafening battle for our attention, whose lively flame too often silently die out under the weight of an inhumane reality, these dreamers who seem today increasingly rare.

To lie against the caress of time, and touch our blossoming dreams; To be serene and yet assertive; To grow from loneliness and accept our troubled past; To look courageously in our memories, without ever drowning in them; Against the thorns, oppose a smooth surface; And let yourself be carried out to sea, to find meaning and a more profound sense of connectedness.

These are all themes that feed “Drawn-Out Daydream”, Draumr’s new album, an unusual, intimate and authentic journey. Parisian musician and producer Gabriel Cheurfa invites us in his composite universe, tinged with dream pop and synth-wave. This album grounds us in the present and creates a delicate and dreamlike state. Through its soft synthetic layers, its ethereal choirs and its warm rhythms, the artist rouses our spirits and suspends time. He lets us fill our lungs with air which is a little bit cleaner and frees us, for a moment, from the weight of modernity.

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