London Singer-songwriter Yvonne Han started creating as ‘The Sound of Modesty’ in 2018. Known for both her candid lyrics and unique take on alternative rock, she continuously blends avant-garde and modernist electronic metal elements in her music. 

After being in an alt-indie band Once A Week Won’t Kill You featuring on drums, Yvonne had started developing her own exclusive songwriting style, influenced strongly by not only experimental female artists like Mitski and Bjork, but also electronic pop artists like Egoist and T.a.T.u, and furthermore crossing over with softer pop such as Sleeping At Last and Regina Spektor. She went on to independently release her debut EP; Eye, The Cauldron of Morning(2018). More recent projects include the self-release: Metamorphosize under Yamcog Records in February of 2020. 

Yvonne currently studies songwriting at Leeds College of Music and is currently finishing off her debut album alongside her band for release in 2020.

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