Melbourne Downtempo DreamPop Mechanical Pterodactyl New Album ‘TIMELAPSE’OUT. Featuring the singles “Microsleep”, “I Don’t Want Anyone Else”, “Stars In Our Eyes” and “Strike Up a Match”.

‘Timelapse’ was written and recorded over a period of 7 years, a time that has seen the world in a state of increasing unrest and crisis. The songs of "Timelapse” each capture a moment of personal reflection – set apart in time – against the backdrop of civilisation in perceived decline. Together the songs reveal a personal search for meaning and understanding in a rapidly changing world. 

Yen’s lush and atmospheric production crosses between moods and styles with each track – evoking James Blake, Alex G and Bon Iver. “The bulk of the parts I play and record myself at home but there are a few guests on the album too. Instruments like Drums, Piano, Horns and Strings were recorded at The Aviary Recording Studio. Sonically, I’ve always been interested in creating "worlds” that listeners can close their eyes and fall into, to take the listener somewhere different with each track.“ ​ 

The creation of multi-instrumentalist/producer Yen Nguyen, Mechanical Pterodactyl builds dream-pop compositions that place lyrical melodies over a richly woven blend of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. With a rich musical background as a jazz-trained drummer and accomplished music producer, Mechanical Pterodactyl brings a nuanced approach to contemporary dream-pop, filling songs with lush soundscapes and textures. Previous releases have received acclaim from Vulture Magazine, Bandcamp and Joy FM 94.9.

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