Remington super 60 was founded by Christoer Schou in 1999 as a bedroom DIY project, between 1999 and 2007 the band was very active on the indie scene with several albums and EPs released on various small labels around the world. 

Their early music style was very inspired by 60s music such as Beach Boys and Burt Bacharach but with the addition of lots of Casio keyboard blips and beeps. Christoer has an impressive collection of small Casio and Yamaha keyboards. This resulted in the band being labelled as a Casio pop band. After 2007 the band only gave a few life signs every now and then. 

Since 2019 they started to produce a lof of new music again that resulted in the EP “New Ep” released January 2019. Musically they have now been labeled more or less a dream pop band by various blogs The band is still a DIY project although not based in Christoer’s bedroom but in his living room.


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