Montreal-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer Ormiston is making his debut as a solo artist with an unsurpassable good-feel single ‘Rebel’. Bringing together uptempo elements of indie-pop, chillwave, yacht rock and electro-disco, the Canadian native delivers the antithesis to a year and bad news with this golden slice of audible joy. Think Toro Y Moi meets MGMT, and you’ve got a good sense of what Ormiston is all about. 

“Rebel is a song about a turbulent relationship between two lovers. A passionate relationship bringing the best and sometimes the worst out of both individuals. With this first single, I explore the sound of coastal beach tones mixed with indie-pop.”

Born into a bilingual Montreal family, he was raised around female musicians and grew up with a strong sense of melody. After mixing and producing some tracks for Milk & Bone, Heartstreets, Misage and Freida Mari, he released in 2013 the song Typically Her (under the name Beverlay) that ended up being remixed by Kaytranada, helping it reach more than 3 million streams worldwide.  

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In 2020, he signed with Canadian label Lisbon Lux Records (Le Couleur, Russell Louder, Radiant Baby and Das Mörtal). Ormiston is working on his first album to be released in spring 2021.


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