“Small” is dedicated with gratitude to my incredible network of women, non-binary and femme creatives for their support and friendship. This song was inspired by a time in my life when I was navigating a connection that I knew was toxic, which ended up representing a larger relationship to patriarchy and misogyny in the music industry.

The track represents the double-edged sword of angst and longing that comes from engaging in something you know is bad for you. I once read somewhere that anger is a response to recognizing your worth when you have been mistreated; like your loud and unapologetic friend who advocates for you at all costs. I have come to understand and appreciate this emotion as a way to tap into the creative process.

As a woman in the music industry, the lyrics dance around the story of seeking approval from someone who continuously makes you feel small and speaks to the microaggressions I experienced in these kinds of toxic dynamics that I know many can relate to. In reflecting on these themes, “Small” grasps at the grit of standing in your power, knowing your worth, and resisting the male gaze.

“Small” embraces crawling, creative instrumentation. Powerful, yet rejects the melancholic edge. It is the grittiest, hardest song off tend to, my new EP due for release on April 27, 2021.

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