The Rungs are a female-fronted indie project based out of New York, formed by Mandy and Diwas Gurung. Inspired by 90s indie rock and 80s synthpßop, The Rungs layer electric guitars with swirly synths, ethereal vocal harmonies and hooky beats, to create a strain of uniquely refreshing pop music.

Mandy and Diwas never meant to be in a band together. When they met in Ithaca NY, Diwas was a guitarist in a psychedelic rock band and Mandy was studying botany. Neither of them expected that soon they’d be writing songs together, playing shows around town, and staying up all hours of the night producing songs on an old MacBook.

From 2015 to 2020 they grew a home studio, nicknamed ‘Well of Yells,’ that doubled as an actual studio apartment in Brooklyn NY.  Over the years, their live show evolved from loop-based duo performances to three-piece sets with drummer Steven Bartashev who is featured on songs ‘Want you to Know,’ ‘Grindstone’ and ‘Trees’ on their EP ‘Everyday Visions.’ Today they are working on their third EP titled “No Shadow.’

Right Rooms originally started as a bass loop made by Diwas. Knowing it would be a great fit in The Rungs live set he fleshed out a rough mix and handed it to Mandy to write vocals. Like most Rungs songs, the recording process was gradual. There were many live performances testing out ideas, different demos sent to friends, and even a trip to the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory during a three-month stay in Nepal.

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The song is significant for the band because it inspired them to ditch their usual reliance on digital synth plugins and to seek out analogue synthesizers. They brought it to SubDecibel Sound in Brooklyn where engineers Chepe Beltranena and Dorian Besson introduced them to a literal wall of synthesizers, a lot of which are featured heavily in the song.  The song was mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator Phil Abbot, who added the final and essential finishing touches to the song.


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