A new remix by Tokyo-based producer SKYTOPIA of the Dutch artist VAN ELST’s song “Insomnia” has arrived. The track reconstructs the original song which portrays the trouble of sleepless nights experienced by many, with a driving beat that contain elements of IDM and complex yet emotional chord progressions.

SKYTOPIA is a Tokyo-based producer who is also active as a member of the natural city pop unit “KOMONO LAKE”, and is also known as the former member of Kero Kero Bonito.

VAN ELST is the former drummer of British Psych rock band Desert Mountain Tribe and is now based in Utrecht producing dark dreamy electronic music. The two became acquainted after playing at the same event in London a few years ago, leading to this collaboration.

The texture of the remix shows a big contrast to the original song which features echoed vocals, downtempo beats, and dreamy synths while the new version is driven by IDM elements, afro beat-inspired beats and complex chords, literally demonstrating the two artists’ different interpretations of the state insomnia – the sleepless night.

VAN ELST: “I love how this remix has brought our sonic worlds together and shows SKYTOPIA’s creatives take on experiencing ‘Insomnia’”

With musicians around the world trading the stage for the bedroom studio, Insomnia in it’s remixed version is an uplifting yet thrilling take on the era-defining sound of sleepless nights spent escaping lockdown life in the solace of sound.

On a journey to shine a light on the unspoken sides of mental health, VAN ELST hopes his music will create more awareness and understanding of the insomniac struggles experienced by many: “Listening to songs that relate to the situation I’m in helps me to process my feelings. With ‘Insomnia’ I hope to provide a similar healing experience for the listener. Having the song remixed by the talented SKYTOPIA feels like a beautiful opportunity to push these ideas into different undiscovered musical universes”.



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