Budapest based band The Anahit’s melancholic pop tunes have always had the experience of womanhood as a centre of their topics. Their new song, Heart Alive released on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, circles around the abuse and violence endured by women with a gloves-off attitude, inspired by the very own experiences of Rita Csányi, the band’s frontwoman. Regardless of the heavy topic the song, which steps into a new direction compared to the band’s earlier sound, brings a sense of hope to the listener.

Last year they released their third album – in a slightly unconventional way – called Let Me Inject You With My Sins… (Part I. & Part II.) The band, which once started out as Rita Csányi’s solo project in London has embarked on uncharted territories, complete with four members. Rita’s heart, soul and some of her deepest traumas were which inspired Heart Alive. Abuse against women has been on the singer-songwriter’s mind for a long time and since lockdown and quarantine make the issue more and more invisible, so she thought it’s time to get together and create unity.

“I’d find it difficult to name a single woman in my vicinity who hasn’t at least once been subject to such abuse, myself being one of them. Abusive relationships, physical or verbal abuse on the street, at our workplace and all the rest. It’s all these situations why I felt I had to write a song which helps us get over our pain since we all have incredible power within us and most of the time we’re capable of the impossible”.

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