Estonian synth-pop singer-songwriter Aprillo has released her new single “Clairvoyant”. “Clairvoyant” is Aprillo’s second single to date, a follow-up to early 2021’s “Love The Door.” The layered synth-wave production coupled with Aprillo’s stunning melodies creates a mood that is difficult to illustrate with words. She is “Always working to uncover what’s hidden and bringing it to the surface.”

During a quiet spring 2020 in the Estonian countryside “Everything outside came to a standstill. I started hearing my own voice. That voice really wanted to sing and looked like it had the stuff to say. So I let it. And here we are.” After borrowing an old synth from a local underground legend and playing around with the sounds and textures, Aprillo decided to go against the grain and create some positive tension between layered full instrumentation and the backdrop of relaxed and flowing vocals. “The lyrics graze on the beauty and pain of personal relationships amid colliding human conditions.”


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