Furian is a four-piece post-hardcore band hailing from the United Kingdom. They are rapidly gaining fans all over the world with their instantly recognisable, emotional-rollercoaster sound. Drawing influence from bands such as Linkin Park, Deftones, Fightstar and Alexisonfire, every song is filled with energy and purpose and every live show is an explosive and heart-felt display to behold.

 Whether you prefer an onslaught of bone-crushing riffs or epic, soaring melodies, this band has you covered. With several UK tours already under their belt, Furian is dead set on their music reaching as many ears as possible and truly value every new listener. The community surrounding the band is a testament to both their songwriting and their attitude. 

Furian have become both a home and a support network for many rock fans and they are proud of the positivity and spirit that they inspire through both their music and their actions. It’s no secret that they want to bring people together through music, to give strength to those that suffer and to bring brighter light to those that are already shining. A goal that they have already achieved and intend to continue achieving. In 2016, Furian made their Kerrang radio debut and received rave reviews from host Alex Baker, who couldn’t believe that they weren’t already plastered across other major platforms. 

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Inspired and thankful for such high praise, this year sees Furian working on their debut full-length album ‘Approach: Descend’ which will feature over ten brand new tracks and promises even more musical carnage. 

“THIS-BAND-RULE“ – Kerrang
“Yet to disappoint us!” – AltCorner
“Holy Hell this is good!!!” – Metal As Religion


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