Hip hop artist Amon released his new single “city.” this week. This is the latest track in a series of great new singles from Amon being released every two weeks, following “advantage.” and “bsingle.”

The new track is an ode to all those who are feeling discouraged about pursuing their art, specifically those who feel their origins are holding them back.

“Got tired of hearing people complain about their art careers because of the city that they are from. Being from a smaller town it definitely can be a disadvantage but I see it as a more of an advantage. Yea, you gotta work harder but the payoff is greater and it’s usually not the city it’s the person. So keep going and never give up.” – Amon

Before mastering his musical craft, Amon was on his way to becoming a professional skateboarder. His work ethic had him out every single day practising and he even placed in competitions. Skateboarding led Amon to his passion for performing; Amon was unable to compete in competition due to a severe injury, and since he could not compete for skating, he started performing instead.

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