Lead heavily by electric guitar riffs and powerful vocals ’Done with the chase’ is a punchy indie, electro-pop tune that blurs the boundaries of indie pop, rock and soul as we know them. 

Following previous releases such as ‘The Pizza Song’ and ‘Discodust’, that new single cleverly and lightheartedly tackles themes of body image, female empowerment and sex. Galactic Dust keeps spreading their refreshing attitude with ‘Done with the chase’ carrying the message of empowerment and breaking down gender norms and expectations.‘Done with the chase’ is about shaking up the traditional ratio of power between male and females in the context of seduction. Noam, the band’s singer and lyricist puts herself in a position of power and command, assertively giving lessons and proving her independence and ability to control firmly her personal and sentimental space. Empowering and rousing, the new Galactic Dust track is the song you need to regain confidence and feel beautiful singing in your mirror, or walking down the street like a badass.

‘Done with the chase’ was written back when gigs were still happening andpeople were going out to independent venues to listen to live music. With driving guitar hooks as well as engaging and memorable vocals, this upbeat single was always getting the crowd on their feet during Galactic Dust’s live performances around London. The main inspiration for this song came from the vibrant and lively British indie scene. Being young musicians in London, Noam, Alfie and Mattia were exposed to a lot of new bands like Pynch or The Velvet Hands, which inspired them to write an indie ‘anthem’.

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With diverse skill sets in their arsenal, Galactic Dust is 100% DIY. Curating their
collective identity as a group originating their art, music, visuals and fashion completely independently. Everything from songwriting to mixing, as well as videos and artwork, is made in house, at their North London home studio. With their unconventional yet comprehensive approach, Galactic Dust continues to create authentic music that is both fun and meaningful, perfectly striking the balance between playful and poignant.


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