MINAS – ‘Burner’ Video 

The widespread starvation and executions prompted philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseauto comment, “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.” “Eat the Rich” is now a rallying cry against an overly capitalistic economy that encourages the rich to become richer while the poor starve. 

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Featuring at the start of Cardiff based Artist and Producer MINAS’ new beautifully shot video for ‘Burner’, this dark and grit-encapsulated synth-beat epic shows us exactly what MINAS intentions are and what he’s made from. 

Eating the rich is one thing, this video shows how hungry MINAS really is.

MINAS begins 2021 with ‘BURNER’ – a low key protest anthem brooding with resentment and an undercurrent of dissent.

2020 saw two releases from Minas – ‘Drinker’ released in July was a precursor to the upcoming debut album ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’ (releasing later this year) whilst the EP ‘Nudge’ captured the energy (or lack thereof) brought about by lockdown.

‘Burner’, the next release ahead of the debut album, again stands alone. The track exudes a cool yet angsty vocal that simmers over the top of a steady rhythm and intensely humming bass. Not afraid to spit indignantly at authority Minas questions “How could you call that man there a president?” and as the beat fades away slowly in the second verse he simply states “Fuck the government” before the chorus drops back in again.

Minas is the mononym for James Minas, Greek/Welsh artist and producer based between Cardiff & St David’s in South Wales. When not creating his own music he works as a producer for artists like Welsh Music Prize nominated rapper Luke RV and internationally touring folk artist Dan Bettridge.

Music Video for “Burner”

Directed & Edited by Theo Thomas (T-Vizuals)

Socials Minas: @minassound

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