RoseeLu is on to big things with the release of ’Playing Alone’ – the first of more songs to come from the young singer in 2021 – and guaranteed to make waves as the talented Dane invites everyone into a universe of her own.

”I have always been soul searching and contemplating with my inner self, where both good and bad rules. From a very young age, I learned that if anybody should have a chance to understand me, I needed to express my exact feelings instead of acting like an erupting volcano and exposing my vulnerability, which usually leads to misunderstandings. I write songs to get my unprocessed feelings out in the open and to clear my head. I hope that my songs can help others to process their feelings and emotional state,”
RoseeLu says.

As a kid, RoseeLu grew up to the sound of her dad’s piano, wrote her first melodies in kindergarten and eventually decided to follow her own dream and ambition to become a full-time musician when she quit high-school, left home and moved to Copenhagen at the age of just 17. RoseeLu has always done things her way and has always been a loner – not in an introvert way but in a constant search and lust for life in an extrovert kind of way.

”Even though it sounds cliché, I really hope to inspire anyone who listens to embrace their inner child and cherish it. ‘Playing Alone’ is my appeal to those who think kids are wrong if they – like me – are not into commercial toys and football trading cards, but are totally fine contemplating with themselves in their own company – which is OK and super healthy.”

“Playing Alone” reminisces the energy of the alternative 90’s – the sound of grunge guitars and raw power that clashes with a modern touch of hip hop and widescreen futuristic pop fronted by one of the most interesting new female voices of the Nordics.