The Cush was founded by husband and wife Burette and Gabrielle Douglas and this is their first album with Ben Harper’s new label, Mad Bunny Records, and the 6th overall release from the band. Risk-takers throughout their career, they have never been content to be defined or restricted to only one genre.

“There is a renewed hunger for uncharted territory musically –  a resurgence, a revitalization of new sounds and new artists and I think the reception this band and this song are getting attest to that,” said Ben Harper. “when it comes to making music we do it because we have to because we love it, which is why we make music and start labels. The moment I heard this band I knew they needed to be on Mad Bunny.”

The Cush’s single “Haters”, which went for radio adds this past week, was co-produced by Ben Harper, and the music video was directed and filmed by Justin Wilson. Learn more about their signing and the new single at the LaunchLeft podcast here – https://omny.fm/shows/launchleft/ben-harper-launches-the-cush

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“Haters” has an expansive haunting sound, and Jeremy selected the barren and stark Texas landscape, from which the band hails, as the perfect visual accompaniment.

As the band described, “the song Haters was a long time in the making. I had the melody and chords before I found the right words,” Burette explained. “Everyone has experienced hate of some kind, and it all hurts. There’s been a lot of it going around online and in reality. It can all get to be too much, and you just want to be with someone you love and trust and shut out the noise of the world. It’s also a love song to Gabby for sharing this long musical road with me,  and keeping music a part of our lives regardless of success, or lack thereof.”

Gabby expounded, “The video was created with Justin Wilson and the idea behind it was to portray hate as energy, and how it is often elusive until you learn the truth of where the hate came from. We were also trying to communicate that even though hate is intense energy and can often be contagious, we can rise above and make peace with how things are in order to heal what hurts. Justin did an excellent job in helping us create this video and we love how it turned out!”


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