“Tides of Fools” is lighthearted, about rebuilding yourself from scratch after dedicating your life to someone else, and losing your magic along the way. The perks and awkward moments that come with being single, online dating, freedom, loneliness, desire and so much more.

When my marriage ended, I felt like I was truly going on numerous dates with fools. I imagine a visual timeline of my most hilarious/embarrassing/really fun dates to this song, and the discovery and self-exploration that came with them. You could play the same game, and dance while at it.

Sometimes we get so fixated on being chosen that we forget we can choose. I fell in love with independence and living alone around this time. I also realized that, at times, I was the fool. I was the one who couldn’t look past petty BS that I was conditioned to think means someone is broken, I was the one with unresolved issues, lugging them around in a see-through backpack for everyone to see.

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“Tides of Fools” de-stigmatizes women exploring their sexuality for reasons other than to procreate. I learned that if I’m a woman who wants to hear women sing about certain things more often, I have the responsibility to do so, as scary as it may be.


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