A brooding rock anthem about finding the strength to rebuild yourself that’s meant to capture the darkness right before the dawn; it’s laced with yearning and desperation but also perseverance and hope that things can get better.

In that sense, it feels extra fitting that it’s coming out at this moment in time.

Face it as it is, thought you’d nothing to lose
All caught up in the fantasy of what you could do

This track was written as a Jekyll and Hyde confrontation between two faces of the same person. These lyrics communicate the most pointed moment of self-awareness where the side fighting for change shows a readiness to confront the other’s selfish and reckless behaviour.

Dismantling aspects of your personality that have become toxic can feel like an incredibly daunting task. It’s a road that winds yet it is one that’s worth taking.

In the horrible situation that we have been in for the past year, all we can do is be there for each other and ourselves. We hope that “Start from Nothing” can offer you some catharsis along the way.


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