Arham is a 25-year-old musician based in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian-Pakistani musician grew up on Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets,’ as well as Pakistani music, making for interesting formative roots.

Arham says the following about the track:
“I like ethereal psychedelic vibes, and that’s what came out in this song. I wrote, played, produced, and mixed this all by myself. I’ve been producing for a while before making this song, mostly for other people. At one point I just let myself flow freely and this is what happened. I just wish people would try things differently sometimes. So yeah. just try the other way.”

"I often need a reminder that it is possible to try things in life in more ways than one. We’re often locked into our own cycles, and it is not always easy to break out of them, but it is possible. I have tried to have it as a central part of life, not to land too hard on a conclusion about something, but rather let my perception of reality/world be dynamic.”

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