Cathy Jain has been putting out alt-pop singles since the first lockdown in 2020 and her 4th track “cool kid” is out now.

Starting with a darker, slo-fi vibe on “i see us in heaven” (played by those lovely people at BBC Radio 1 a month before her 16th birthday), and then followed up with cafe-style chill beats on “artificial” and the epic, psychedelic sounds of “green screen”, all of her releases so far are written and recorded at home and then produced to sound even more delicious by Heron at Cracked Analogue, currently based in Goa. “cool kid” is her latest lockdown collaboration.

Based around a minimal groove and a chill, meandering melodic hook, it feels like a lazy summer evening where I’m outdoors relaxing under the setting sun. Inspired and influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey so if you like these guys then hopefully “cool kid” will be right up your street.

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