Proudly born and bred in West Yorkshire, Queer musician MillieMilner (They/Them) has grown up with the love of all types of music surrounding them, using this to their advantage and taking inspiration from many genres and artists and pooling them into their own unique, raw sound.

Drawing upon the styles of Phoebe Bridgers, Dodie and Fleetwood Mac, Millie uses their DIY, bedroom Indie sound to inspire young queer people, letting them know that they’re not alone.

Millie has always been musical, singing and grooving their way around the house from a young age, but they began to take it seriously in high school taking up guitar, piano and singing lessons and cultivating these skills into something beautiful and unique. Always singing and dancing, Millie uses their songwriting as a way to collect and store memories and experiences, never afraid to show fragility and emotion in every creation.

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