Combining moody trip-hop with dark psychedelic aesthetics and intimate pop sensibilities, BoogaTronic is rapidly gaining a dedicated following. The Brixton based project is the result of years spent immersed in the British electronic underground scene, absorbing everything from acid house to dub and hip-hop. Now, with a steadily growing catalogue of mesmerizing tracks, BoogaTronic is beginning to make its way into the public consciousness.

BoogaTronic officially debuted in 2019 with the single ‘Impossible.’ With its tropical rhythms and memorable hooks, the track set the blueprint for future releases. 2020’s ‘Soul Horizon’ introduced dream-pop atmospheres, while the following year’s ‘Lost Your Love’ showed the act’s knack for alluring harmonies and textures.

Currently, BoogaTronic is in the studio preparing a full-length debut to be released in 2021. With a growing discography and constantly evolving sound, BoogaTronic is poised to be a fixture in electronic music for years to come.