Tim Rose and producer D Did That (Darien Newton) and have been on a Lofi Hip Hop road trip— making beats in Tim’s van recording studio “Vanna White.” The final destination is unknown — pit stops along the way include Paisley Park, Dilla’s Basement, the Hard-Hitting Drum Factory, John Mayer’s ranch in Wyoming, and possibly some pit stops for pizza from Delicious Vinyl. Good beats for the road — wherever it may lead.

“For the Most Part” begins with a phone call from a struggling friend trying to resist relapsing on his addiction. He is feeling alright “For the Most Part”, which sets the mood for this track. Heavy lofi drums, big synth bass is a nod to J Dilla – a hero to both Darien and Tim. The guitar solo is a minimal, pocketed, stream of consciousness — and was tracked in one take.


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