VJ puts his experience with depression, healing, and falling in love into a project that mixes R&B tones with an upbeat pop chorus, showing his diversity in his sound and musical talents. We hear “Red Pill” starting as a mellow R&B tune, and grow into a piece of work that mixes genres seamlessly while featuring the artist’s instrumental skills throughout.

Vincy Jonathan Enagie AKA VJ Jaxson is a multi-instrumentalist from Dublin Ireland, first hitting the Irish music scene in 2016, actively gigging around Ireland, and releasing music to a solid fanbase.

Behind the scenes, VJ was facing and dealing with the struggles of being an independent artist “chasing the dream” of fame while working a full-time job and living at home with a full house.

Finding it hard to stay motivated in a world that isn’t kind to independent musicians, VJ battled depression and stepped off the stage. Taking a hiatus from music VJ turned to his faith to help him find himself, his drive, and his self-belief. This EP is dedicated to those hard times, but it’s matched with an overall upbeat tempo that shows for more positive times ahead.

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