If the year was 2005, our new record, Cool Uncles, would be burnt on a blank Best Buy CDR and played on your parents’ Toyota Corolla sound system.

This album serves as the personal mixtape of three friends who enjoy wild, abrasive sounds and aim to twist and contort them into something wholly unique. We’d like to highlight “Sawed in Half,” a Cool Uncles cut which originally took inspiration from Kill Bill. 

It’s a song about lust and passion in a firecracker fashion, expanding the intimate moments of a relationship to the point of a life-or-death scenario. Play Cool Uncles, featuring “Sawed in Half,” on your favourite digital service.

As a band, they draw inspiration from a curated selection of sonic chaos; Cool Uncles exists to pay respect to that mantra. Our goal is for you to jump in and ask the question: “Where the hell did that idea come from?”