Mewn offer an antidote of sincerity against the indifference of modern culture, set apart from their contemporaries by their emotional resonance and a more heartfelt approach to their social and political critique.

With a reliance on piano and synthesizer, Mewn’s sound is a rich, layered blend of acoustic and electronic instruments that combines the emotional integrity of Father John Misty and the dynamic, cathartic energy of Arcade Fire and contemporaries Black Country, New Road.

Their debut single “I See it Now Pt. 1” is an eerie, atmospheric and country-leaning approach to post-punk. The track’s quiet, stripped-back verses and energetic choruses are led by a hypnotic vibraphone riff with accompanying layers of acoustic and electric guitars, chaotic synths and dual male/female vocals.

Frontman Daneil Bluer says:
“I think it’s the most straightforward, guitar-driven song on the record and also the heaviest. Lyrically it feels like a collage of thoughts brought about in times of unease, frustration and anxiety. Catharsis and release are never far from these feelings though and that’s definitely in there too. I think to bring seemingly opposing sounds and feelings together is something we are interested in; the interplay of darkness and light, joy and sadness and so on.”