“A Little Cruel” deals with how painful finding closure in a relationship can be. It was written on a communal farm in the jungle area of Manzanillo-Gandoca in lower Costa Rica. The ethereal subtle Caribbean sounds in the back of the track are my favourite ingredients.

There’s a melancholy here that is both empowering and easy. I think we (as in I) can easily sweep pain under the rug, and we all know how well that works out…right?!

I had no cell service on the farm, so I would head to the nearest town’s studio to lay down guitar and vocals. I then sent files back to my producers in Toronto to add instruments. I was like a kid waiting on all these birthday presents coming in as I listened back!

Wish I Was Here EP, will be a personal album, capturing the essence of every song by recording vocals first and then recording instruments….sorta working ‘backwards.’