Beorma are Tom & Ferns, an indie pop/R&B duo based in Birmingham. Tom is Birmingham born & bred whilst Ferns is originally from Portugal.

Both Tom & Ferns have been members of separate bands but they found musical love together during the lockdown and began to collaborate sending ideas back and forth online, eventually coming up with the seven tracks that make up their debut EP ‘Virtual Emotionality’ which came out the end of January. Before the EP release, they put out the singles ‘F U’ & ‘Right Behind You’ in 2020 and followed up with ‘Woman’ which was released March 5th in time for International Women’s Day.

Under the management of Indie Midlands, Beorma is looking to push on with the release of new single ‘Tears’.

Talking about ‘Tears’ Tom had the following to say:

”Tears is really different from anything else we’ve done and I think it’s a taste of our next phase. I kinda like the idea of somebody hearing this song who’s familiar with our initial EP and not realising that it’s the same artist. Everybody likes different genres of music so why do we expect artists to make the same type of music over and over again when they are so heavily influenced by a variety of music? This was a challenge to me production-wise, I’ve never mixed this type of music before but I loved every second of it, making it sound kinda cheap and ‘bedroom-y’ like old school garage songs used to sound was so much fun.”

Ferns added: “I already had the “I’m charging for my tears” line in my head from a conversation I’d previously had with a friend where I said I wasn’t gonna cry in front of anyone cause I was charging for tears, from that line the rest of the lyrics just naturally progressed. When Tom sent me the instrumental at first I was like “this is so different where will this fit in?” but then part of me was super stoked cause I was a huge Katy B fan when I was younger so this was my chance to have a go at making my own garage anthem so I was pumped and ready to just lay it all in the lyrics and make them as sassy as the track is. As a band we don’t like to label ourselves and place our music in a box, we kinda just make music we would want to listen to, whether it’s garage or indie pop we don’t really pay that much attention to genres as such, we just look at it as making music I’d say.”