Emerging from UK lockdown, Death Goals, the Herts-based Mathcore Duo will soon release their debut full-length. Aptly named The Horrible and The Miserable, offering a chaotic blend of screamo, metalcore, mathcore, post-hardcore and more. With singles such as Gender Traitor, and Shrike building a growing interest from the wider music community the duo received praise from Revolver, Brooklyn Vegan, Sumarian Records and more. 

With themes exploring the duo’s own queerness, depression and rage, Death Goals portray this thematic concoction through both their lyrics and musically throughout the LP. Recorded in 2020 with Tom Hill (Employed To Serve, Modern Rituals), The Horrible and The Miserable and its lead singles have exceeded expectations, with the duo showing no signs of stopping.

“Insurgent U.K. chaotic hardcore duo aimed to destroy all” – Revolver Magazine

“[Death Goals] are a chaotic blend of screamo, metalcore, mathcore, post-hardcore, and more, and the sonic assault of the music is matched by the very tangible desperation in their lyrics.” – Brooklyn Vegan

August 28th-30th – Upsurge Festival, London


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