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Goldwoman is a singer-songwriter based out of Brooklyn. Originally from New Jersey, she grew up in a musical family, playing piano & clarinet before teaching herself guitar at 12-years-old, picking up bass shortly after.

Her songwriting is brutally honest, intensely personal, and often incredibly specific. Goldwoman’s debut EP, Second Nature, has been described as “stunningly melancholic,” characterized by strong vocal lines and heartbreaking lyrics. Her two latest singles, both in collaboration with Strawberry Mountain, “Backburner” and “Solstice,” have steadily risen to popularity as a spring anthem for independence, and as a winter anthem for hope, respectively; her debut LP is soon to follow. Besides music, her passions include non-dairy milk alternatives, airports, exposed brick, film photography, & big dogs.

“Hungover” is the true tale of a hangover. The morning following a gig Goldwoman had played at which her ex was present, this song came quickly. Originally released as “Hangover” in 2018, this version is less stripped-down, showing the artist’s growth and strength, as if to say she’s no longer hungover by this former flame. Her vulnerabilities are at the forefront as she asks “why cannot this message be sent?” a phrase her drunk self coined while contemplating the difficulties of communicating with a lost love in a dark and service dead-zone basement.

The Goldwoman LP is a portrait of songs written over the past four years, painting the artist’s evolution from college student to adult in the ever-changing world. Between romantic struggles, mental health battles, and coming of age challenges, each song is a piece of a larger puzzle; this record showcases the artist’s age and maturity through it all. Recorded completely in her Brooklyn apartment during quarantine of 2020, Goldwoman is a snapshot that captures the toughest, heaviest, and most powerfully developed moments of Goldwoman’s life.

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