After spending the last few months treating us to a fresh and vibrant array of upbeat offerings, including his highly-praised EP ‘Ambitions’ at the end of last year as well as his subsequent follow-up cuts ‘Oceans’ and take on Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’ in recent months, Swedish alt-pop troubadour Summer Heart returns  to fill our lives with joy once again with dreamy new single ‘Inside Out’, anticipating his latest EP, ‘Insecurities’.

Following up his ‘Ambitions’ EP last year, ‘Insecurities’ looks to take the artist to the furthest reaches of his influences. Beginning a new chapter in his career, this forthcoming collection sees him take the next step in his musical evolution as he aims to capture a broader and more captivating aesthetic with a string of new offerings.

Continuing his own distinct flair for smooth and vibrant alt-pop production, the EP’s second single ‘Inside Out’ is the bright and breezy summertime jam we all need right now. With its rich and psychedelic aesthetic measured effortlessly amongst his own charismatic and intoxicating vocals, his newest effort will fit perfectly amongst these warming summer days.

Speaking about the new EP, he said, “Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how it seems the most important thing in peoples’ lives these days is to keep up their appearances, being unique or whatnot, on social media for example. But still everyone seems to be wearing the same clothes, doing the same things and acting the same. That’s at least how it looks from the outside. I would love to know what people are really about. The same goes for myself. I think I’m trying to find the inner me, and figure out what really matters to me.“

Having been performing independently for over eight years, Summer Heart is now signed to the renowned Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art. With an already impressive roster under their belts, the imprint is set to become a welcome home to the frontman’s breezy and lovable direction.

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