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Bay Area native pop singer/songwriter Audriix has set fire to her marital dreams alongside a self-love anthem titled “Taking Back My Life.” The captivating, danceable single ensures there is no room for doubt about who controls this budding popstar. This empowering song is meant for anyone who wants to move forward from their past relationship and reclaim the parts of themselves they lost.

“I spent 2.5 years planning a wedding that was originally scheduled for July 20. ‘Taking Back My Life’ is my way of healing while coming out of a toxic situation where I felt like I had lost everything. The artwork is me burning the hope of the life I was planning to have and refusing to let it break me or define me. Part of taking back my life is taking back this day.” – Audriix

When it comes to pursuing her passion for music, Audriix is nothing less than a force of nature. Growing up in northern California, the singer/songwriter begged for violin lessons at age two and soon moved on to also mastering piano, viola, and singing (eventually adding guitar and drums as well). Having started writing songs at age six, she later self-produced her first batch of material in the midst of earning three degrees from Stanford University.

After releasing her debut EP Colors in 2015, Audriix released her full-length debut Status Change in 2019. Her 2020 single ‘Deep Breaths,’ championed by Wonderland Magazine, continued the theme of empowerment, examining the culture of emotion suppression and silencing, while her 2021 single ‘Waste a Goodbye’ foreshadowed an inevitable end to the future she planned. “None of my songs portray the woman as the victim,” she says. “It’s all about being strong and standing up for yourself. I hope that listeners come away feeling empowered to do whatever they set their minds to.”

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