Whenever we get together to write for DARKMINDS, the energy is effortlessly positive and optimistic. This collection of songs is really a reflection of that energy. There are, understandably, a lot of us right now who are drained of all positivity and optimism. Our hope is that this album can be a small part of the antidote to the world’s seemingly relentless negativity.”

In January 2019 Daniel Ellsworth paired with Christopher “C4 “ Umana for a songwriting session in Los Angeles, and the two artists immediately clicked, soon forming collaborative pop hip-hop- duo DARKMINDS. Blending Ellsworth’s bold pop hooks and cheerful falsetto with C4’s modern hip-hop beats and sleek production, the pair released several singles in 2020, landing features in ads for Apple, PGA Tour, Vh1, KT Corp, & GQ Sports as well as numerous movies and shows on Netflix, Disney+, CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC and more.