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‘miami’ is a song about just wanting to drop everything and get away with someone you love.

“A few years ago, I spent a minute in Tanzania collaborating with and learning from some Afrobeat and HipHop artists/producers,” Barnett says. “They taught me a bunch of things but I’ve never really known how to organically use those ideas in my more dreamy and atmospheric indie tunes. So, a while ago I was making some music in Miami and I just thought I’d challenge myself and start with some of those ideas and go straight in with a dancey groove and just write around that. I had so much fun with it that a lot of the song kind of wrote itself from there. It was also funny because when I had lived in London a few years before, I always thought Miami looked like such an absurd and fun place and so the initial lyrical vibe of this song was definitely me remembering a younger George daydreaming of Miami whilst stuck on top of a rainy London bus – (hence the 91 bus shout out at the start haha). Like in my other songs too, I always like to then write about a place and the people in it so that’s what this song then became, a story of a couple stuck on a rainy London nightbus bus dreaming of escaping to somewhere ridiculous in Miami with all its ArtDeco, beaches, clubs and so on.”

“I also wrote this with my musical brother, Richard Bond, and started firing ideas over to him at his studio (Wise Tree Studios) in Liverpool, UK. Over a few weeks and plenty of zoom calls we wrote the rest of the song and he re-recorded a load of the parts in his studio and then the track was born. So I guess once again it was a real pandemic/lockdown cross country collaboration haha.”


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