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The Loss and the Gain is the second single by Radio Trapani, Italian artist based in Amsterdam. This song follows his debut one called Growing Strong, also released by Spazio Dischi. The artist is back with a moving breakup song and a unique music video, entirely shot on Facetime.

The story that inspired the song is strictly autobiographical and it’s a byproduct of the 2020 lockdown: a couple is kept apart in different continents (Europe and Africa) by COVID-19 regulations, too much time passes without the two being able to meet, and their relationship dies slowly besides the love being there. The video shows some post-breakup intimacy between the artist himself and his ex-partner Alison Rachel, who agreed to take part in this. After not seeing each other for 17 months (and counting), the two started speaking again to work on the project, remembering without sadness what has been and celebrating it during these video calls. The daily life within a long distance relationship is shown in the montage and the scenes, both glitchy and beautiful, are alternated with moments of lip syncing, also on facetime.

Initially produced with an electro-bossanova beat, the tune was revisited by adding layers of synths and a real drum kit playing a groove with a backbeat. Some Brazilian elements still remain present in the harmonies and in the syncopated rhythm of the chorus, giving the song a hint of samba. Inspired by unique artists such as Mac Demarco, Jim O’Rourke, Joao Gilberto and King Of Convenience the track blends some warm acoustic touch to digital production elements.

Despite the breakup narrative, the song and the video leave room for interpretation: the sense of loss might be huge but it forces things to move on and us to discover how much more we can get from the situation besides the loss. Sometimes the events that one fears the most just happen and end up taking our lives to unexpected places one might actually learn and gain from. Love is complex and can be expressed in many ways, some of which are definitely shown in this video.


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