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KRAMIES has emerged as a fresh new folk voice. Individual in style and heartfelt in composing, the rising songwriters’ ballads meld classic acoustic elements with fresh, innovative production, for a sound that feels likes the pinnacle of modern folk. Mixed in with his candid lyricism and rousing vocals, the artists talent is obvious, making him a name to watch out for.

“Days Of”, the first single off Kramies’ new self-titled EP, is the alluring and emotional centrepiece from this beautiful new constellation of songs. Produced by Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, “Days Of” also features Carney on drums and guitar as well as Jason Lytle of Grandaddy on synths and sounds.

This union of talent between these beloved artists, as well as Kramies’ individual distinctive style and vocals, results in an example of finely honed craft. With lyrics reflecting on mortality and nostalgia set to flourishes of sonic creativity, “Days Of” sets the tone for what is to be Kramies’ most highly anticipated EP yet.


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