Mewn are a five-piece art rock band hailing from Manchester’s underground whose relationship formed via a shared love of acts they now cite as their main influences.

With references like Neutral Milk Hotel, Portishead, The Smiths and songwriters like Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, Mewn’s sound is a rich blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation coupled with emotionally direct and heartfelt lyricism.

Mewn’s growing reputation is rooted in their cathartic live performances. Since forming in 2018, the band have shared stages with the likes of The Starlight Magic Hour, Slow Knife, Bunny Hoova, The Early Mornings and Charles Howl.

‘I’m Only Talking’ is an ambitious, 7-minute track evoking the passion and cathartic energy of early Arcade Fire. The track is built around a waltz-y piano riff with additional layers of acoustic and electric guitars and minimal synthesisers.

“I’d say this song represents us best artistically from the upcoming record. It’s hard to say why, but I think we’re proud of the way the structure all fits together, and the combination of sounds that colour it all in. It is long but I think it does a lot with that time, its fully realised. Lyrically I just tried to mirror the emotion I felt from the sound, the way it felt to me. I think I have tried to express loss, defiance and a melancholy that has some joy mixed in with it, which personally feel like it always does.” Says frontman Daniel Bluer.

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