Embracing the darkness inside you

“Darkness” is the fourth single from Alvinos’ upcoming third studio album. The song features Alvinos on vocals, production, mixing and mastering.

As the title suggests, the song has a dark, yet original sonic character with unique harmonic and sound-design choices. “Darkness” is about embracing the darkness inside you and finding comfort in it. The lyrics “I’m used to sleep on my own and not feel alone” point towards the belief that solitude is not something to be afraid of, but rather a state in which one finds himself; our darkness and sorrow are what make us unique.

The song was recorded in my home studio in Bristol, UK during the February 2021 covid lockdown, a time period which I spent alone, away from family and friends, and that definitely played a huge part in shaping the dark tone of the album. Some of my biggest idols are Portishead and Burial and their influence is apparent in the aesthetic of “Darkness”, as well as in the music video which I shot and edited myself.


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