Bob Marley once said, “Everyone’s going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.”

What happens when someone you trusted, suddenly hurts you and turns out to be completely different to who you thought they were? What can one learn from that heart-breaking experience without becoming bitter and too afraid to open oneself up to someone again in the future?

Before Soundcloud sweethearts, Flora Cash found each other, Cole and Shpresa had spent many years searching for connection in the wrong places and investing their emotions in the wrong people.

In their upcoming single ‘we used to laugh / 9 to 9,’ Shpresa reminisces on a past relationship with someone she trusted whole-heartedly, who later deceived her and left her in pieces. Luckily, she overcame the pain, learned the lesson and grew stronger. By the time her and Cole’s paths crossed, she was ready to open up again.