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Trash-wave trailblazers Me Nd Adam are living proof that there can be no despair without hope, no discord without union, no darkness without light.

The group is the depraved result of a relationship between a self-loathing egotist and a boisterous, red-headed emotional wreck who met in New Orleans, immediately hated each other, and parted ways. Yet ultimately Vince Winik and Adam Walker came to realize they had no choice but to embrace their differences and craft the emotionally turbulent, alternative pop duo, Me Nd Adam. Now living the dream in a small apartment in Austin, they’re sharing their hope-tinged despair with the world.

Known for embracing their Texas roots, Me Nd Adam fuses classic rock traditions with elements of alternative, trap and electro-pop. The sound is reminiscent of American songwriters like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen with a twist of contemporary pop production å la Marshmello and Louis Bell. The band’s influences range from Willie Nelson to Meek Mill, Don Henley to Metro Boomin, and Oasis to Blink-182. American Songwriter noted, “Now, if that’s not the personification of the breadth of American art, then I don’t know what is!”

In the group’s first release following its debut album, American Drip, Part I (November 2020), the self-described “trashcan cowbois” has dropped “Get the Money,” an upbeat anthem about the incessant challenge of American work-life balance. The lyrics amusingly depict humourless hours wasted in the workplace, somberly dreaming of “a better life.” As Adam explains, “There are different things we have to do to be considered “normal” members of society and most of these things are tedious and terrible. This could be your job — paying taxes, waking up to an alarm clock or going to the DMV. You’re stuck ‘paying your dues,’ as your life slips away before your eyes.”

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“Get The Money” begins with witty lyrics accompanied by warm acoustic guitars before exploding into a chorus of wiry 90’s guitars, 808s, and funky bass lines. This eclectic combination of instruments couples with the anthemic lyrics “I don’t wanna die, and spend my whole life stuck inside,” and “Get the money, get the money, get the money,” ultimately posing the question: “What the hell are we all doing and what the hell are we doing it for?”

The accompanying music video is a parody of the iconic film, Office Space. Deftly capturing the emotions of being stuck in a dead-end job, the spoof video portrays the monotony and never-ending cycle of life, lightened by a tongue-in-cheek delivery.


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