“Blood in the Snow #3” is the first single from a new collection called ‘Blood In The Snow,’ containing three songs telling different versions of the same story.

The song delivers the delirious and bittersweet feeling of hanging on to something that used to be good but has become unhealthy. Everything has gone wrong at once, but you just go out and drink and hang with your friends and try to forget about it for a while instead of dealing with anything – darkness looms in the periphery but you choose to ignore it.

These songs exist in a semi-fictional universe I write about a lot. It’s usually winter, people are drinking, and things are not going very well – sort of Robert Kroetsch, sort of a Fargo, sort of real-world small-town Alberta. It bears a certain family resemblance to the actual small town I grew up in, but the classic movie disclaimer about “any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental” comes to mind.

Most artists I know don’t get to make art as their job; having so much time and effort consumed by “other” work can be exhausting and make it feel like my life isn’t a genuine expression of who I am. For lots of people, the artist-self or child-self or whatever you want to call it gets sort of absorbed by a work-self over the course of adulthood. The first verse is a sort of plea for mercy in that process and expresses a desire for that inner person to survive.

This song was recorded at home and embodies a strengthening DIY work ethic in our band. Don’t wait until everything aligns, don’t wait for the perfect moment. Start now and keep going for as long as the work feels like a source of life and light.


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