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When you take two thirds of Boston 80’s post-punk band Native Tongue, separate, age for 30+ years, combine, throw in some new technology, mix thoroughly and serve? Well, if it’s the guitarist and the drummer we’re talking about, then what you get is Dream of a Man in a Top Hat. 

In writing about their debut record, the 6 song ep Blunt Instrumentals (released summer of 2020), bloggers and curators described their music as cool, grooving, swaggering, psychedelic, experimental, wild, infectious, seductive, chaotic and unique. 

With their new album, Sudden Return Of DOAMIATH, Dream of a Man in a Top Hat have expanded beyond instrumentals and added their own unique vocals to an intriguing alt rock sound. 

For fans of Yardbirds, Jack White, Syd Barrett, Tame Impala, Dandy Warhols, and Beatles. 

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