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Waiting For Smith is singer/songwriter Harry Lloyd. Formerly a ski instructor in the French Alps, Harry broke his back in two places during avalanche training.

Wondering whether he’d survive in the helicopter on the way to the hospital, he had an epiphany that if he was ok that he should dedicate his life to music. After spending a year in bed recuperating and learning to play guitar, he formed Waiting For Smith, named after endlessly waiting for their original drummer Smith, who always failed to show up. Based between Amsterdam and London, Harry is inspired to write about the everyday ups and downs of life, love and the never-ending investigation of who we are and what we’re all doing here. Blending a feel for these two cities, he creates captivating acoustic led electronic pop. 

His debut EP Hopelessness of Love is centered around the theme of communication in love. Each track has their own story, artwork and colour, all inspired by the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. 

The wholesome glow covers the EP in a folk, honey wash oozing warmth and familiarity. Reminiscent of Vance Joy, the tracks allow room for a depth of emotion without drowning in too much feeling. His silky harmonies echo in ripples of calm over a twanging acoustic line up of strums and plucks, all carried by a gentle wave of drums and rhythm. His most notable feature is his soothing, serene voice that lays down a path of sunshine for his lyrical creativity to flourish. 

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Title track “Hopelessness of Love”, represented by literature, touches on the power of words and how they make others feel. Ultimately, love is about finding ways to accept the highs and lows of any connection.

“Little Old Book” is about self-acceptance and finding ways to tune out of the radio of self-criticism. Waiting For Smith shares, “the way we hold each other, a gentle hand on the shoulder timed at the right moment, can say in many ways more than words can ever express”.

“As I Saw You Then” is the single that sounds like falling in love. Focusing on the power of listening and communication, the track is a gentle folk flushed reminder of the ability we all have in relationships, to refresh our image of the person we love, and to drop back into those feelings of discovery for another. 

“Tired Mind” is the single of ‘feeling blue’, touching on the power of thought. The mind can be a volatile battle ground and this single leans a caring hand into themes on mental health and accepting that being happy for 100% of your days is impossible; unexplained feelings don’t always need justification, just kindness.

“Best Side for You” is the rosey glowing single that narrates wanting the best version of yourself for your other half. Covering themes of falling in love, learning the ropes of relationships and understanding how affects of harmonious relationships differ to toxic connections.


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