Proving to be a versatile Hitmaker, mixing international sounds from the Caribbean to Afro beats to fusion a genre of his own through hip hop, Patron doesn’t shy away from creating his own sound.

Born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Lake Stevens, AlphaPatron is a hip hop / RnB and Pop artist and songwriter who cultivates truth and life to a mainstream sound/style of music. It’s not just his versatile flow and lyrics that separates him, but the influence and impact he has through his music! Inspired by Nipsey and Michael Jackson, AlphaPatron is a self-made independent artist who uses his story to inspire and influence people to follow their dreams just like he did.

AlphaPatron was featured on many blogs such as @Rapzilla, @trackstarz, @rapfiesta, @hypefresh, and even made it on @kube93.3 twice on the radio! With African parents, Alpha uses African elements and style to his music and lifestyle to give a more worldwide sound to the ears of his fans of different genres around the world! And is looking forward to working with different artists of different genres (Patron claimed in an interview). So keep an eye out for him!